"More Than A Project"

Project Manager: Rallou Avramidou
Art Director: Alexander Kokx
Communication Coordinator: Katerina Nikolaou
Fashion Consultant: Katia Delatola
Special Thanks to Visual Artist: Χαρά Μαραντίδου
           More Than a Bag
The most stylish and practical bag created for a good reason. You will find it in exclusive points of sales around Greece.
One year ago -2018- it all started with a simple idea and a specific purpose, to support NGOs in their mission. This year by purchasing a Waterbag you support the social role of Non-profit organization Agoni Grammi Gonimi, in remote areas around Greece. All sales revenue fund programs which share the vision of making education, culture and health care accessible to all. For this inspiring project, apart from my role as an art director I designed 7 of 31 limited edition patterns.

Photo: Christos Theologou
Models: Greek National Sychronized Swimming Team